Be taught to Unlearn. Generally, studying is about… | by Hoang Nguyen | The Startup | Jan, 2024

Generally, studying is about forgetting.

Learn to Unlearn
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“Neil Armstrong was the primary man on the Moon. However who got here second? A query misplaced to oblivion, for should you aren’t first, you’re forgotten.”

This profound reflection from the film “3 Idiots” resonated deeply with me, as if seeing my reflection within the storyline. I noticed I had by no means paid heed to the opposite astronauts aboard Apollo 11.

Throughout my twenties, I believed life was a relentless race the place solely the leaders had been remembered and celebrated. This perception influenced each side of my life — from gaming to academia and even my skilled selections, at all times striving to be a trailblazer.

Nonetheless, as I ventured into my thirties, this pursuit of fixed management led to burnout. It fostered detrimental traits and taught me some harsh however invaluable classes.

I share this narrative as an instance how our beliefs, typically formed by motivational tales, change into ingrained inside us. But, there are moments when these beliefs change into out of date and hinder our progress.

The idea of “unlearning” turns into essential, akin to emptying a stuffed glass to create space for recent water. This precept applies to data and knowledge, particularly in a quickly altering world the place just a few years can deliver monumental shifts.

On this article, I delve into the experiences and insights I gained from unlearning numerous long-held beliefs and assumptions.

Learn to Unlearn
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Be taught — Unlearn — Relearn

It encapsulates the dynamic journey of buying data, making use of it, shedding out of date data, and persistently refreshing our understanding.

This iterative course of is important for our adaptation to the ever-evolving world. As an illustration, transitioning from highschool to school calls for a shift from a structured studying setting to a extra self-directed instructional strategy.

Equally, once I moved from Hue to Saigon (two cities in Vietnam), I needed to let go of my native accent and relearn a brand new manner of talking to raised assimilate into the brand new…

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