bitcoind – RPC command sendfrom is giving Transaction too giant error

Transaction too giant

That is referring to the transaction measurement in bytes, not Bitcoin.

It’s essential to ship the Bitcoin in smaller chunks to your self, or sweep the mud, as they are saying. It is because a transaction is made up of unspent outputs (UTXO) and since you might be sending a big quantity, you’ll probably have many small UTXO from all the ideas you are making an attempt to spend. This will increase the scale of the transaction in bytes.

Bitcoin core will return that error if the transaction weight is bigger than MAX_STANDARD_TX_WEIGHT, which as of v0.16.3 is 400,000, which is 10% of the most measurement of a block.

What’s tx weight?

Transaction weight is outlined as Base transaction measurement * 3 + Complete
transaction measurement (ie. the identical technique as calculating Block weight from
Base measurement and Complete measurement).

Digital transaction measurement is outlined as Transaction weight / 4 (rounded
as much as the subsequent integer).

Base transaction measurement is the scale of the transaction serialised with
the witness knowledge stripped.

Complete transaction measurement is the transaction measurement in bytes serialized as
described in BIP144, together with base knowledge and witness knowledge. See BIP

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