HTLC routing points in customized LN plugin (c-lightning) on regtest community

I’m engaged on a customized routing plugin for CLN on a regtest community. My objective is to match its efficiency in opposition to the classical rebalancing plugin offered by the CLN neighborhood.

Nevertheless, I’m encountering points with HTLC execution (even in a classical plugin, so I assume I’ve some issues in a setup), and funds are failing with numerous errors like “WIRE_FEE_INSUFFICIENT,” “WIRE_INCORRECT_OR_UNKNOWN_PAYMENT_DETAILS,” and “WIRE_TEMPORARY_CHANNEL_FAILURE.” I’ve already set cltv-delta to six, fee-base to 0, and htlc-minimum-msat to 0 in my nodes’ configuration and ensured that nodes have ample liquidity in its channels for routing.

Nevertheless, the errors persist. I believe there may be different components influencing the HTLC routing course of or points with my plugin’s logic.

Can somebody assist me troubleshoot this drawback and counsel potential causes for these errors? Is there the rest I must be contemplating in my customized plugin to make sure easy HTLC execution?

Thanks upfront!

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