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I wish to bequeath my digital property in a safe approach. I’m the only real custodian of my BitCoin. I wish to launch or move custody conditionally, like upon dying. This has to occur in a safe approach.

Clearly, I can move down my wallets’ seed phrases. The unclear half is do it conditionally, as an illustration upon dying, similtaneously doing it securely.

Preliminary ideas:

  1. Put the knowledge in a cloud password supervisor that enables for a digital inheritor. One instance is the Emergency Contact performance of Final Move.
  2. Retailer the knowledge in a deposit field, in a financial institution.

Each of those appear to attain the objectives. Any inheritance will probably be handed down upon dying. Additionally the knowledge is stored with some safety.

The Final Move Situation is shakier. Probably, the Emergency contact already must have your grasp password. It is simpler for Final Move to get hacked than for financial institution deposit field to be damaged into. Probably, LastPass won’t exist when I’m lifeless.

Each of those choices should not with out value.


What different choices exist for passing down data securely and conditionally, as an illustration upon dying? Has anybody deployed a wise contract to this finish? How would this work?


This query occurs to be about BitCoin however the essence is way more common. Please, let me know if I ought to transfer it to some other StackExchange.

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