Secrets and techniques Extremely-Productive Folks Don’t Need You To Know About Getting Extra Finished | by Kurtis Pykes | The Startup | Jul, 2023

Secret #3 — Time journey

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I left England with two issues in thoughts:

  1. Minimize my bills
  2. Make a helluva lot of progress in what’s left of the 12 months

This meant getting extra carried out.

The very first thing I requested myself after I landed in Ghana was, “How can I flip my 24 hours into 48?

TLDR: You possibly can’t.

However I’ve been finding out productiveness for the previous two months and have carried out all of the methods I’m going to share with you.

Brace your self…

The David is a remnant of the Renaissance period sculpted by Michelangelo from 1501 to 1504.

Folks have been fully dazzled by its high quality on the time of completion.

Michelangelo was regularly requested, “How did you make it?

He was reported to have replied, “It’s simple. You simply chip away the stone that doesn’t seem like David.”


Right here’s the way you apply it…

Consider who you wanna grow to be as the David, and who you at the moment are as one large slab of stone.

How do you make the David (who you wanna grow to be)?

Properly, you narrow out all of the actions that don’t resemble who you wanna grow to be.

In case your David has an impeccable physique, cease consuming sweets and junk meals.

If he’s acquired a loving household, cease womanizing.

You get the gist.

Each journey wants a vacation spot…

Together with your productiveness.

You possibly can’t be in a rush to nowhere — you’ll burn out.

Extremely-productive folks have a North Star which guides their life.

This can be a mounted vacation spot they dedicate themselves to attaining because the world round them evolves.

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